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Linyi (Jingcheng) requested Mould Factory, which was established in May 2008. The predecessor Linyi Jingcheng Mould Factory changed its name to Mould Factory in June 2013. It is a company dedicated to R&D, design and manufacture of ultra-thin and ultra-high difficulty; Linyi Mould High-Tech 国产av在线亚洲综合, which is engaged in extrusion moulds and related supporting parts, covers aluminum, extrusion moulds for construction, decoration and industrial use. It is located in Linyi Logistics Capital, Linyi High-speed Railway Station, Beilan Mountain Xiaoyou Technology Industrial Park, with convenient transportation. The development prospects are broad. Due to the continuous expansion of molds in the application field, more and higher requirements have been put forward on the molds, so that the development speed of the mold industry is in line with the development of other manufacturing industries. At present, the world mold market is in short supply, and our company is in line with the trend of the international mold market. Integrating R&D, design, manufacturing and sales, continuous innovation and progress. The company's product quality has been widely recognized in the industry, and passed the ISO9001: 2016 international quality management system certification, always with the "quality first, reputation-oriented, management-oriented, service-oriented" business philosophy, focusing on customer challenges, to excellence The mission of our products and services to meet the needs of our customers. Welcome everyone to visit!

Linyi mold processing production

Mold processing refers to the processing of forming and blanking tools. In addition, it also includes shearing and die-cutting dies. Our company specializes in providing Linyi mold processing and production services. The following is a detailed introduction to the processing and production of molds. Usually, the mold has two parts, an upper mold and a lower mold. Place the steel plate between the upper and lower molds, and realize the material under the action of the press... [Click to view]

  • Precautions for aluminum extrusion die processing

    Precautions for aluminum extrusion die processing

    Our company has two mould production lines and two aluminum extrusion production lines. It has advanced R&D and testing equipment to provide one-stop service for customers with quality products. The company specializes in the production of: aluminum extrusion die, strong technical force and sophisticated equipment. We provide customers with one-stop service with quality products. Points to note: 1. When cutting the die hole working belt in the line...

  • What factors will affect the service life of aluminum extrusion dies

    What factors will affect the aluminum extrusion die...

    Today, Xiaobian takes everyone to discuss the factors that affect the service life of aluminum extrusion dies. Interested partners come together to watch! 1. The overall mold inevitably has concave rounded corners. When the fillet radius is less than 2mm or the concave fillet of the deep and narrow mold, or the concave fillet is left with the knife mark, these are easy to cause stress concentration, and This will cause cracking. &n......

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